Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nothing Says Community Like This...

Nothing says what community spirit the towns of Carterville, Cambria and Crainville have then taking a look at these pages filled with beautiful photos and wonderful memories. Whether it's photos of parents, salutes to classes or just expressing that our towns have been a great place to live - these ads will express so much to so many people for years to come.

When we started to tackle this book project, we knew we would need to raise a lot of money to print the book and build a foundation. We had high goals that seemed far out of reach. But, we're about to meet those goals.

Sheri Hunter and I are working lots of hours right now to bring this book to you in June, if everything works out as scheduled, but we haven't been alone on contributing to the book. Many folks in the community have written their own memory for select chapters, and it is has really made the book extra special. We've also gathered memories from Facebook questions and countless photos that have been contributed by so many. Plus, our board of directors has provided leadership and the committee for ad sales has literally rocked! We're calling them the "Woo Hoo" Team as we celebrated with a "Woo Hoo" every time the community provided support by becoming a Friend of CHPF. We can't say enough how much we appreciate the community support.

So...take a look at these ads. And while the deadline has been extended a couple of times, this is it. We have six (6) ad spaces left for the "Founding Friend" level and four (4) ad spaces left for "Friend" level. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and boy, we sure would like to fill the remaining pages with the ads and make it very clean. :)

If interested in becoming a Friend of CHPF, shoot me an email at jennifer@cartervilleheritage.com; don't wait too late, or you might miss the chance.