Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Friends" Drive Successful and Deadline Extended!

Hot off the presses, here is our latest press release, and simply put, we can't say enough how much we appreciate the support we've received from the community. And why would it be any different, after all, this is OUR TOWN!



Carterville Heritage and Preservation Foundation is extending the deadline for their first fund-raising effort, “Friends of Carterville Heritage and Preservation Foundation (CHPF)” due to the overwhelming response. The foundation’s mission is to educate the history of Carterville, Cambria and Crainville, as well as preserve and renovate historic sites within these communities. At the core of this mission is telling the communities’ story in a photo history book written by Sheri Hunter and Jennifer Spence. Within that book, as part of being a “Friend of CHPF”, an individual receives an ad that can be an “In Memory,” “In Salute,” or “In Honor” of a community person or event.

“Our community has shown its support for this book by generously supporting it with tributes to their parents, grandparents, school, you name it.,” said Sheri Hunter, co-author of the book and retired Carterville Community High School English teacher. “This has demonstrated what we already knew--people in the Carterville, Crainville, Cambria area love their towns and want to preserve their history.”

The deadline was originally set for this Friday, January 7th, but CHPF will increase its original goal, now offering this limited, rare opportunity to 200 Friends. They expect to reach this goal in just a few rather than set a date, CHPF is reminding folks that it is first come, first serve. Space is limited in the book.
According to committee co-chairs Sharon Holmes and Elaine Miskell, phone calls have been constant this week, many folks fearing they had missed the deadline.

“People are really being creative and thoughtful with this effort, such as a grade school P.E. teacher saluting his students of Crainville and Cambria, or a group of friends saluting the Class of 1965,” said Miskell. “My fear is that once the book is printed, it’s printed….and some folks will wish that they were a part of it and either didn’t know, or simply waited too late.”
There are two levels available, a “Founding Friend” and a “Friend” level. “Founding Friend” level is available with a $500 donation and receives an “In Memory,” “In Honor,” or “In Salute” ad in the upcoming Carterville, Cambria and Crainville: A Look Back At Our Towns book, four copies of the book, a life-time membership to Friends of the Carterville Heritage and Preservation Foundation and a quarterly newsletter starting in January 2011. The “Friend” level, with a $250 donation, receives an “In Memory,” “In Honor,” or “In Salute” ad, two copies of the book, a one-year membership to Friends of the Carterville Heritage and Preservation Foundation and a quarterly newsletter.

If you’d like to donate and become a Friend of Carterville Heritage and Preservation Foundation, you can contact Elaine Miskell at 618-985-3588 or email, or contact any committee member. You can also pick up a form at Kindling – Spirits, Food & Florals located on Rt. 13 at Crainville Road.

The foundation is also assisting co-authors Jennifer Spence and Sheri Hunter with sponsorship sales to businesses for the upcoming photo history book. Businesses will have the opportunity for exclusive sponsorship of chapters. Every effort is being made to produce a high-quality book packed with interesting information and images. This hard-back book will have a four-color book jacket and have 300-pages. The efforts for the book have already collected more than 1,500 photos of Carterville, Cambria and Crainville that will be available for foundation efforts and preserved for future generations. If your business is interested in sponsorship, please contact Sheri Hunter at or call 618-985-2814.

The fundraising efforts will assist with production cost for Carterville, Cambria and Crainville: A Look Back At Our Towns book. A portion of the proceeds generated with the book will be donated to the Anne West Lindsey District Library in Carterville and all remaining proceeds will be utilized for preservation efforts of the Carterville Heritage and Preservation Foundation.