Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be A Part Of This Community Effort

If you loved growing up in Carterville, Cambria or Crainville, you'll want to read this...

What has started as a book project of simply providing copies of wonderful photos for Carterville area fans to see has turned into a 300-page, hard-back with four-color book jacket, timelines with every chapter, book of all history books. But most importantly, we're finding some incredible stories about Carterville, Cambria and Crainville, and all the proceeds will benefit efforts in revitalizing and preserving our town, including supporting our new library.

With this book, we've formed the Carterville Heritage & Preservation Foundation, established a strong board of directors, and have done considerable work in ensuring that a dedicated effort is established for our community's future.

And you can be a part of it...

Like me, whether you live in Carterville now or simply glad that you were able to grow up in this small town, you can be a part of this foundation's efforts. We're selling a limited amount of "In Memory", "In Honor" and "Salute" ads in this book that can only be obtained with your donations as a "Founding Friend" or "Friend" of the Carterville Heritage & Preservation Foundation (CHPF). As a "Founding Friend", your $500 donation will provide you with up to two ads, a lifetime membership to CHPF, quarterly newsletters and four books. As a "Friend", your donation of $250 will provide you with one ad, a one-year membership to CHPF, quarterly newsletters and two books (books available in Spring 2011; retail - $30 each).

We've already sold several ads, folks just like you and me that are proud of what their parents or grandparents were able to do for this town. Maybe you want to pay tribute to an incredible teacher or role model, or salute state championships or your class. Whatever it is, now is a very unique moment in our community's history to be able to do so.

I know it's the holidays and budgets are tight. If it doesn't make sense for you this year, remember we also need volunteers and simply folks to buy some books when they launch in the spring. But if you can be a part of this fund-raising effort, it would help us a great deal, as a portion of these proceeds will be used to print the book.

A form is attached; if interested, please print, fill out and return to Elaine Miskell (her info is on the form; If you have any questions, let me know at Also, if interested in volunteering, let us know.
Thanks for your help!